Garmin launches a new GPS app for its mobile phones

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By ROBERT HILLER, Associated PressGENEVA (AP) Garmin announced Wednesday a new app for smartphones and tablets that tracks the weather, including cloud cover and rainfall, that could help businesses and homeowners navigate a growing array of weather-related apps.

The company said the new Weather-Track GPS app will track cloud cover, rainfall, temperature, wind speed, snowfall and other weather data, and it can be used by businesses and homes to monitor their operations.GPS data can be shared with a range of apps and websites that include weather stations, barometers, online maps and weather forecasts.

The Weather-Record GPS app also works with Garmin Connect, a new cloud-based app and online network that offers cloud-connected devices that can be connected to a network and receive weather data from Garmin Connect.

The Weather-Tracker app uses Garmin Connect to receive weather information from the network, and users can share it with the app.

The app will be available for Android phones, tablets and other smart phones starting on Friday.

The app will work on all iOS devices and on smartphones and other devices that support Bluetooth.GARMIN PREMIUM PLANS TO SHARE GPS DATA WITH COMPANIES, HOSTS AND FRIENDSGARIN, Ga.


has announced plans to share weather-based data it collects from its portable GPS units with businesses, hosts and friends, including in partnership with a host-based company that hosts a host of host-related websites.

Gustavo Lopes, vice president and general manager of GPS at Garmin, said in a statement the data would be shared “in a way that is appropriate for each company and individual host.”

Lopes said in the statement the sharing would be done through the cloud and would be available “over the next several months.”

The data would also be shared through the company’s own apps and the Hosts Club website, which provides hosting services for a variety of businesses and organizations, he said.

“We are working closely with hosts and partners to ensure that they receive and share the same kind of data we collect,” Lopes said.

The new partnership is part of a broader push by Garmin to provide cloud-enabled mobile devices with more capabilities and ease of use.

Garmin said it had more than 1.4 billion GPS units in its global network, but its mobile devices were not yet widely used.

GARIN said the average user used only about 300 units in a year.

Gareth Wills, a vice president at the Host Clubs group, said he welcomed the partnership and the data-sharing.

“The idea of having the ability to share the data is something that we believe is very important to many hosts, especially those in remote areas, that have limited access to the internet,” Wills said.

Wills said it would be interesting to see how many hosts have the app and how many use the cloud to access it.

“I think there’s a lot of excitement around this.

I think it will help everyone and it will open up a lot more opportunities for hosts to share data and to be more accessible to their guests,” he said, noting that the app was available in the U.K. and the U., Europe and Australia.

A key advantage of using the cloud, Wills added, is that the data can’t be stored on servers and is shared “right on the device.”

“We think that is something a lot people need in their life,” he added.

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