Why Google Maps has a GPS trolling motor?

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The latest Google Maps feature to go viral is the GPS trolling car, which is an automatic vehicle that drives on the GPS coordinates found in the GPS chip of your smartphone.

Google says the car has been used in the past to locate and photograph homeless people in the US, but the recent spate of high-profile shootings involving the car appears to have taken it out of the headlines.

The feature is currently only available on Android phones running Android 4.0 or later, but Google says that the car will eventually be rolled out to Android smartphones running Google’s Android Auto platform. 

Google’s Google Maps uses GPS to detect and collect data from your mobile device, such as location, time and time zone information.

Google’s website claims that the GPS features of Google Maps work by “tracking the location of your mobile phone over time”. 

The car also uses Google’s Maps API to determine where you’re looking at based on a GPS coordinates.

The GPS information is then used to identify where you are.

The GPS trolling vehicle is capable of finding the GPS location of you, the car’s owner, and other Google users.

The car will automatically start to drive towards you at a speed that’s higher than your speed, which could be confusing to someone unfamiliar with the features of GPS navigation. 

The Google Maps trolling car will also track your exact location for a short time, but only when you’re actually looking at it.

The Google Maps trolls car has a map-style navigation system that uses GPS coordinates to determine your location.

The system also uses the GPS device to determine the distance between you and the vehicle’s owner.

You can disable the GPS data collection in Google Maps, but you will have to be in a certain area to see the results.

The trolls car will only be able to locate you in areas that are clearly marked on the map, such a a street or alleyway.

Google Maps will still allow you to search for the location by name or phone number.

Google Maps is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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