How to avoid being sued for wearing a GoPro during the Rio Olympics

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When you’re out at the water, the next thing you want to do is wear a GoPro.

Not only does this not do any good, it also is extremely risky.

While it’s a relatively new technology, there are now plenty of companies making GoPro-compatible devices that make this a pretty easy thing to do.

But what if you need to get a good picture?

And what if your water sports activities require that you constantly be wearing your GoPro, or even more importantly, how can you protect your image when you’re not?

So we’ve rounded up 10 of the best GoPro waterproofing products to keep you protected while you’re on the water.1.

Waterproofing by GoPro, Inc.

This waterproofing company specializes in waterproofing GoPro cameras, but they also offer some really useful accessories.

Its the GoPro Black, for instance, which is designed to be the ultimate waterproof camera.

With the Black, you can submerge the camera, or you can use it to take pictures of the water as it moves beneath you.

There are also waterproof cases for the GoPro, like the waterproof case for the $200 GoPro Black.

Water-resistant versions of these cameras are available for all GoPro models.

The GoPro Black is $399, and the GoPro X4 for $199.

The waterproof case is $199 for the Black and $399 for the X4.2.

GoPro Black 2+ waterproof case, $179.993.

GoPro X5 waterproof case $99.994.

GoPro Pro 4 waterproof case (sold separately) $1795.

GoPro Solo waterproof case with cable and mounting screws $1996.

GoPro Hero 4 Black waterproof case that features a waterproof microUSB port and a USB-C charging port, with a black plastic case that looks like a camera case.

It also has a waterproofing sleeve and a water-resistance seal to help keep your GoPro waterproof.

GoPro’s Hero 4 waterproofing is $99 for the black version and $149 for the white version.7.

GoPro HERO4 Black waterproofing case, with cable included, $149.998.

GoPro Super Black waterproof camera case with a microUSB-C port and USB-A charging port.


GoPro S6 waterproof case includes an adapter for your GoPro camera to plug into a computer, and a waterproof seal for your camera.


GoPro Ultimate waterproof camera with an accessory port for charging the GoPro camera.

Black or white version available for $9911.

GoPro Dash waterproof camera, with USB-a port for connecting your GoPro to a computer.


GoPro Power+ waterproof camera $59.9913.

GoPro M2 waterproof camera and charging cable included with the GoPro Pro4 waterproof camera for $69.9914.

GoPro Smart Stick waterproof camera + accessory port $49.9915.

GoPro Ultra Pro waterproof camera plus accessory port + microUSB cable included.


GoPro G3 waterproof camera included in the GoPro Hero4 waterproofing kit.


GoPro GoPro Hero 6 waterproof camera kit $4918.

GoPro Karma waterproof camera ($129.99)19.

GoPro Red waterproof camera (sold separate)20.

GoPro Flash+ waterproof cameras $79.9921.

GoPro Flex+ waterproof 3-axis camera $7922.

GoPro Tilt+ waterproof 10-axis video camera $14923.

GoPro Polaron+ waterproof 5-axis and 2-axis cameras $9924.

GoPro Nectar+ waterproof 8-axis, 10- and 16-axis videos $7925.

GoPro Waze+ waterproof smartphone $4926.

GoPro Star+ waterproof drone $5927.

GoPro Tripod+ waterproof tripod for $2928.

GoPro F10+ waterproof video camera for the iPhone 8, 9, 10, or 11 $14929.

GoPro H10+ camera with microphone for $4930.

GoPro Action+ waterproof action camera for iPhone 8 and 9 $4931.

GoPro Cam2 waterproof video video camera + camera holder for $3932.

GoPro R100+ waterproof 4-axis action camera + GoPro camera holder + camera for iPad Pro $2933.

GoPro Astro+ waterproof selfie stick $9934.

GoPro CX+ waterproof photo and video camera (for $3935.

GoPro D800+ waterproof digital video camera and camera holder $5936.

GoPro Q10+ video camera with USB port + camera and USB cable + camera stand + case + case for $5937.

GoPro Go Pro+ waterproof GoPro Hero 5+ camera $3938.

GoPro Mini+ waterproof mini GoPro Hero5+ camera + $5939.

GoPro Min+ waterproof Mini Hero5 + camera + case $5940.

GoPro 3+ waterproof 2-axis camera $4941.

GoPro Camera+ waterproof photography app for iPhone $4942.

GoPro Micro+ waterproof micro GoPro Hero6+ camera and stand + $7943.

GoPro Nano+ waterproof Nano Hero6 camera + stand + accessories

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