Map: GPS coordinates finders with mini GPS module

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GPS coordinates and map-based navigation apps for smartphones are growing, but one of the new entrants is an app called MapIt.

Launched last month, the app is powered by the Gps-based NearX GPS Compass API, which allows users to create, share, and search maps for use in Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Microsoft Maps.

The app also includes a feature that can save the GPS coordinates to your mobile phone or tablet, making it easier to search for them later.GPS coordinates converterThe NearX compass API is powered and developed by NearX.

In addition to mapping, NearX provides a suite of other capabilities that include satellite imagery, aerial imagery, geospatial data, and geographic information systems.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is backed by a group of venture capital investors led by Google Ventures.

NearX also owns a large number of satellite-based imagery companies.

At first glance, MapIt seems to be an odd app, with no built-in map functionality.

Instead, it displays a list of available satellite images from the satellite constellation, with a “Get Started” screen for users to download the necessary data.

Nearx claims to have developed the app “in collaboration with Google and Microsoft” and that it is open source.

But the company’s website does not offer a clear explanation of how the app works.

In fact, the “Getting Started” page is completely blank, with only a short description of the product, a picture of a button that shows a map, and a brief description of its functions.

The description of MapIt’s function is even more confusing.

According to the description, the company makes “GPS coordinate conversion between GPS satellite imagery and your smartphone’s GPS data.”

But there is no indication as to whether the company will convert GPS coordinates or the satellite imagery.

The product also offers an interface for users who want to download their own satellite imagery from Nearx.

Users can then create a list or “view” of available satellites and then download the imagery, as shown in the screenshot below.

Users will need to register their satellite imagery before the software will download the data.

Users will also be able to “search” satellite imagery for specific GPS coordinates by tapping the icon at the bottom of the screen.

The list will also show available satellite imagery in a tab that users can quickly tap on.

The Nearx website claims the app will “improve your GPS navigation and find more information” and will help you find your way around a map more quickly.

However, it’s hard to tell if this information is correct or not, given the lack of any detailed description of how it works or how it will be used.

Users can also search for GPS coordinates on the Nearx homepage by using the search box on the top right.

Unfortunately, this interface is entirely blank.

Users must first register the NearX-developed satellite imagery company.

There are no details about what the software uses the data for, or how users will be able use it.

The description of “Gps coordinate conversion” doesn’t specify whether the conversion will be done by GPS, satellites, or both.

According to Nearx, “The NearXM (NearX Global Navigation) app is a free app that will enable you to quickly locate and navigate through your GPS data.

It is also compatible with Apple Maps and Google Maps and is fully open source and fully compatible with Microsoft Maps.”

It’s unclear how useful the NearXM app is in Google or Microsoft Maps, since neither of those applications are listed in NearX’s product documentation.

As with other Google Maps apps, the NearXTone GPS app will not work in Apple Maps or Microsoft maps, either.

In the future, NearXTones will also appear on other Google products, including its own Maps app.

In the future NearXTons will be compatible with the new Google Maps Maps, too, which will include a built-ins map search function.

While the Nearxtones are not compatible with any of the popular Google Maps applications, the feature will be available in the Google Maps for Windows app later this year.

In addition, the software also allows users with NearX smartphones to create maps with GPS coordinates.

The NearX map creators can also share the map with their friends or family.

In order to share a map with a friend or family, the map needs to have been created on the app’s GPS-based mapping application.

The app also makes it possible to export the map to a CSV file that can be downloaded and opened on any device.

The CSV file contains a detailed description about the GPS data used to create the map, along with a list the coordinates of the GPS satellite image used to produce the map.

In a blog post on the company website, Nearxtone CEO David Whelan noted that the company “continues to innovate in the space of GPS mapping and geospacial data collection,”

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