How to use Google Glass to map out your house

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When Google Glass first launched in 2013, it promised to be a tool for the home.

Today, Google says that the wearable is the answer to all your home security concerns, from being able to check your email and watch TV while at work, to the ability to take pictures of your children at play and send them to their parents.

Google says Glass will help you manage security more securely, and that it will help the home become more connected to the outside world.

The gadget is available now, and it costs $1,500 to $2,000.

But there are still some questions about how it will work, what it will be able to do, and what it might do for you.

Google Glass uses a special eyewear called the Google Glass Exemplar to capture a photo of the wearer’s face.

Google’s Glass Eximenar can be paired with other Google Glass-compatible devices like the Chromecast or the Apple Watch.

Here’s how you use it to get an idea of how it might work for you and your home.

Google Glass’ most impressive feature is the ability for Glass to record video.

This camera can capture images of your face, as well as a digital copy of your facial features and features like your hair color, facial hair, eye color, mouth shape, and facial hair texture.

Glass will automatically save the video to a cloud-based camera that is stored on your phone or tablet.

In the future, Glass will also record photos that are uploaded to Google Drive.

Google said that the photos will be stored in a cloud storage service called Photos, which can be used for other apps, and can also be shared to other Glass-enabled devices.

The Glass Ex exemplar, as seen in a promotional video, uses an infrared camera to capture images.

The camera will record video of the user’s face, including face features like hair color and facial skin tone.

Google has said that Glass will work with Google Glass cameras, so it is unclear how many cameras it will use for the camera.

This camera has an infrared lens to capture photos of the face.

The Exemplars camera uses a infrared camera that can capture photos and videos of the device’s user.

Google uses a variety of infrared cameras, including the Canon Digital Iris, Sony IR-Sight, and Nikon IR-IR, to capture digital images of the inside of Glass.

In addition to capturing the camera images, Google Glass can also record video, and will show you a short video on YouTube.

Google will show a short clip of the video in its YouTube channel, and Google Glass will upload the clip to YouTube.

Users who own Google Glass and are able to log into the Google Home app can log into their Google Glass account.

If you have an existing Google Glass device that can connect to a Wi-Fi network, Glass can automatically connect to it, allowing it to send and receive Wi-Wifi signals.

Google Home will also connect to the Wi-Wire connection in your home, and you can use your Google Glass microphone to listen to the sound of Wi-WiFi networks.

Glass will record your voice and take photos of it.

The microphone in Glass can record your microphone and camera, and record the sound.

Glass can then send this recording to Google’s servers, which will store the recordings in a storage account on your device.

With Glass, Google will also provide an email and SMS account, along with a calendar and contacts list.

Google claims that Glass has an email, SMS, and calendar feature, but no details on what that means or how Glass will use the information.

Google is currently working on a new Google Glass app, but there is no clear timeline for its launch.

While Google is trying to build Glass into your home and into your life, the company is also working on new Glass wearable devices, like the Google X Glass.

Google plans to have these devices in the next few years, and there is even talk that Google is working on its own Google X wearable.

Google is also launching a new version of Google Home, called Google Home Pro.

Google Pro will have a more powerful speaker, better voice recognition, and more powerful cloud-connected devices.

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