Garmin will soon launch a new GPS device in 2018

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Garmin is planning to launch a GPS device called the Garmin GPS-E in 2018, according to sources close to the company.

The device will be a Garmin-branded product, with an upgrade path that would allow users to buy the Garmin-brand Garmin GPS for $200.

This comes as Garmin has been struggling to get its product mix right over the past year.

The Garmin GPS G1 was announced back in November and it was a solid piece of hardware that promised a better navigation experience than the G2 and G3, but it had some issues.

The GPS-G1 had an app that looked like it could do some rudimentary basic navigation, but that was a far cry from the G3’s full suite of apps.

The G1 also did not have a built-in heart rate monitor, meaning it couldn’t take advantage of the GPS-enabled Heart Rate strap found on the new Garmin Edge 2 and Edge 3.

The new Garmin GPS E will be slightly smaller than the Garmin G1, but the GPS hardware is likely to be a bit less refined.

The exact specs for the new GPS-EE will be announced at the end of the year, but we’re hearing that it will have an upgraded version of the existing GPS platform.

It will be the first Garmin GPS device to use a new technology called “deep learning” to improve navigation accuracy.

It’s likely that the new device will also include a heart rate sensor.

The launch of the new version of GPS will be made possible by Garmin’s purchase of the startup Gebra, a company that offers the company’s own deep learning algorithms.

The company has a large portfolio of apps for GPS navigation that includes Garmin Connect, Garmin Map, and Garmin Connect Maps.

This new GPS feature is likely a continuation of Garmin’s acquisition of Gebra a few months ago.

The acquisition of Garmin and Gebra means that Garmin has a massive portfolio of products for navigation, a big part of which will likely be products that work well with its other products.

Garmin’s new GPS is likely aimed at a more mainstream audience.

Its launch could be the final nail in the coffin for the Garmin Edge brand.

The Edge line is now a fairly obscure product that’s used by Garmin owners in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany.

The devices have historically been sold by Garmin, but there have been a few notable missteps in recent years.

The first major mistake was when Garmin decided to ditch the Edge 2 in favor of the Edge 3, which had a significantly better camera and an improved UI.

Then, a year later, Garmin discontinued the Edge Pro after a number of poor reviews.

The latest device, the Garmin Vector, is still sold by the company, and there’s been talk of a third version of that product in the works.

It was also announced that Garmin is working on a new fitness tracker that will have a similar interface to the Edge, but won’t have the GPS capability of the Garmin Vivo+.

Garmin also announced the acquisition of another fitness tracker company, S-Works.

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