Garmin GPS to be introduced in 2017

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Garmin GPS will be launched in 2017, but the hardware and software will be similar to those of the company’s other devices.

That’s according to an interview with the head of Garmin’s global marketing, who is also the CEO of GSM Network, the company behind the Garmin Connect smartphone and wearable platform.

Speaking at a conference in Seoul, Korea, on Saturday, Neil Saunders said that the new Garmin GPS device will be unveiled at a later date, but that the software will match what the company already has in place.

He also said that Garmin will start selling the device as a standalone device, and will focus on bringing the technology to the masses.

Garmin is expected to launch its first GPS product in the first quarter of 2017.GPS devices were first introduced in the mid-1990s and have been around for more than a decade, and the devices have been largely based on the company the Garmin-branded Garmin Connect.

The Connect phone and the wearable version of the product are currently available for sale, though the latter was launched earlier this year.

A major part of the Garmin’s marketing effort has been to build on the success of its Connect phone, which launched in September, and to focus on the Connect wearable, which was launched in April.

While the wearable has seen rapid growth in the US, it has also been struggling in markets such as the Middle East and Africa.

In an interview at the event, Saunders said the new device will have some similarities to the Connect smartphone, which has been widely seen as a success.

He said that its “core competency is that we have the most powerful GPS hardware on the market,” and that the company will focus heavily on bringing that to the world.

“We will be looking to have a much more open approach,” Saunders said.

“It will be more focused on being the device that you wear.”

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